Slyly (スラィリー) is this weird creature that represents the Hiroshima Carps. He is not a carp. He's also the half-Japanese brother of the Phillie Phanatic, who is pretty much everything Slyly could have been, but isn't. Sucks to be him!

Team Information - History Edit

The Hiroshima Toyo Carp (広島東洋カープ) is a professional baseball team in Japan's Central League. The team is primarily owned by the Matsuda family, led by Hajime Matsuda (松田元), who is a descendant of Mazda founder Jujiro Matsuda. Mazda is the largest single shareholder (34.2%), which is less than the portion owned by the Matsuda family (about 60%). Because of that, Mazda is not considered as the owner firm. However, the company connection is highlighted in the club name until 1984, Mazda's official name was Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (東洋工業株式会社).